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Invest smart

Access the best collectible cars on the market. Fractional ownership allows you to own a piece of a car.
Access a new asset class

Modern tech for timeless cars

Tools to help you make the right decision

We research the cars on your behalf and present the most important information to your phone.

No maintenance.
No headaches.

All vehicles are stored, insured and maintained by our reliable partners at secure locations in Germany.

Own a piece of
automotive history

Shares represent true ownership of the car in which you choose to invest.

Collectible cars - a smart economic investment class.

Over recent decades investments in collectible cars have collectively outperformed major Global equities. Since 2010, the asset class has returned an average of 12% in performance while having a low correlation to stocks and bonds.
Source: "Collectibles: An integral part of wealth" by Credit Suisse, p. 16

Asked Questions

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How does Silverpine work?
Silverpine allows you to invest in collectible cars through an iOS and Android application.

Our in-house team continuously screens the collectible car market in search of rare investment opportunities. We aim to acquire desirable assets that are appropriately priced and will increase in value over time. Once identified, we source the asset that matches our strict criteria and then transport, store and maintain it in a safe location in Germany.

Through our mobile platform, we share all key information about the assets, including provenance, financial data, ownership history, photos, and market prices for comparable assets.

These assets are divided into shares and made available to you so that you can build your custom portfolio by holding shares in multiple assets. You will be able to purchase actual fractions of the car and become a true owner of the part you have bought. Your trust and safety is important to us, so we follow strict guidelines set by the financial regulatory authority for Germany. Whilst we charge a small maintenance & management fee to cover the asset’s maintenance, Silverpine makes its money when the asset is sold at a profit so you can be sure we are incentivized to select great assets and manage them with a focus on long-term returns.

Once we sell the car, you, as a shareholder will receive your pro-rata net proceeds based on the number of shares you own.
How do I invest?
The first step is to download the Silverpine mobile application from the iOS or Android app store and create a user account by entering your mobile number and confirming it with a verification code.

You should then take some time to orientate and familiarize yourself with the application. There you can browse all investment campaigns available. When you have found an investment opportunity that piques your interest you will need to enter your personal details before purchasing.

Once you confirmed how many shares you would like to purchase, you will need to transfer funds before the shares will be attributed to your user account.
What is fractional ownership?
Fractional ownership is the percentage ownership of an asset. Shares in the asset are purchased by individuals who share ownership of the asset and related investment benefits. Fractional ownership means that you become a true owner of the share purchased.
How can I make money with Silverpine?
When you purchase shares of a collectible car through Silverpine you own a fraction of that high-value asset. If the value of the car increases over time, so does the value of the shares you own. By purchasing a share through Silverpine you agree that they are responsible for the storage, maintenance and liquidation of the asset.

We seek to find a buyer (the liquidation of the asset), typically within 2 to 4 years depending on market development and price appreciation. Once the car has been sold, we transfer all proceeds to your account (minus fees).

Alternatively, you can aim to sell your shares on the secondary market to other buyers prior to liquidation of the asset. The secondary market is scheduled to open later this year.
Is it safe to invest with Silverpine?
Silverpine follows strict guidelines set by lawmakers and financial regulatory authorities for Germany.

In corporation with our trusted partners, we are committed to safeguarding our users by making investing through us totally transparent and legal.

Through fractional ownership we are able to make you a true (partial) owner of the asset, not a mere investor.

Our team is always here to help, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at hello@silverpine.io.

You will find further information on risks associated with an individual asset in the application when you browse investable assets.

Invest with Silverpine

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